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  3. Remember Theme Hospital? Game developer, Oxymoron Games, is aiming to build a brand new hospital simulator and bring you out of the 90's and cure your nostalgia. They are aiming to launch the game sometime in 2018.
  4. The results are here for our latest contest. The winners of Architectural Competition 7 (AC7) are: Winner: Wabuf Runner-up: LaZy__Sp00nz27 View full article
  5. Architectural Competition 7 (AC7) Results

    The results are here for our latest contest. The winners of Architectural Competition 7 (AC7) are: Winner: Wabuf Runner-up: LaZy__Sp00nz27
  6. ... and the winner is: Wabuf Runner up: LaZy__Sp00nz27 Congrats you two!
  7. Discuss, which should be included in Minecraft?
  8. Thread BUMP! Earlier this year (back in March?), I traded in my Buick Verano for a 2017 Chevrolet Equinox in Nightfall Gray Metallic. No pic cause I need to wash it again.
  9. A little late, but here's the official voting thread for AC7. I am working on tweaking a video I have recorded earlier. Poll closes next Sunday. Plot A: Wabuf Plot B: Coastercraze Plot C: Shaw_ShankD Plot D: LaZy__Sp00nz27
  10. Competition is closed! Video coming soon!
  11. Today is the last day of the event! If you need to make any changes do so before midnight (12:00 AM) Eastern.
  12. Whoa, never thought they'd break it. And technically, they didn't! They bypassed the encryption by exploiting the all-zero keys given when Android and Linux are instructed (for whatever reason...) to change access points. So they never need to retrieve data through a WPA2 connection. That's what makes this is more of a device-specific MITM than a WPA2 break. Sucks though, because Android == most of the market. Oh, and WEP fell hard to a suite of similar MITM exploits .. before getting completely jacked from the inside, out. xD
  13. This deals with the protocol and is not device specific. If you haven't already heard of it, it's called Key Replay Attack (KRACK) and some devices such as Android 6.0 or higher and Linux based ones have a higher risk. Regardless, it affects any WiFi enabled devices that uses WiFi over the transmission of WPA2 with any of the encryption methods used. Link below is to the original source: https://www.krackattacks.com/
  14. IGN has purchased Humble Bundle. https://techcrunch.com/2017/10/13/ign-acquires-pay-what-you-want-game-shop-humble-bundle/ IGN has said that they would run it independently of IGN and that no changes are anticipated at this time. No financial details have been disclosed about the sale.
  15. Definitely! Would love to see another TF2 server! (staff: more on this in the meeting room)
  16. So this has been released finally as an update... unsure about other platforms, but the Xbox One Edition has a notice stating that you need to play at least 5 hrs of gameplay or have purchased some DLC to get the new Minecraft update which comes in a download and installs as a completely new game. It is now just called "Minecraft". I have not yet tried Realms and currently I believe cross-platform play is limited to Windows 10 edition, Xbox, Switch, and mobile devices.
  17. I'm thinking about bringing TF2 back... as either arena or payload. What do you guys think?
  18. Decided to re-do the plots and assignments. New plot sizing is now 30 x 30. Updated new assignments above. Your name is on the sign.
  19. Wish granted. Contest starts today! If you still wish to participate, please reply to this thread. Get building!
  20. gimme dat slot L, for this L im gonna take
  21. This is amazing.
  22. Updated plots assigned. 9/19/17
  23. If you haven't been following, Microsoft has the new Xbox One X set to release on November 7th. The Xbox One X will offer 4K UHD gaming with HDR support. Additionally, it will also play 4k UHD Blu-Ray movies and up-convert lower formats. The new console is more powerful and also has enhanced power delivery and cooling systems on-board. Pre-orders have been sold out - though some may become available again soon! Currently, I have an Xbox One and probably will not pick up the new one until it's been out for a while. Has anyone pre-ordered the Xbox One X?
  24. Thimbleweed Park is a point and click adventure game created by well-known former Lucasfilm games authors, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. The game is described as a spiritual successor to Maniac Mansion which was Lucasfilm Games first adventure game. The game has a retro feel to it with the pixelated artwork, mainly to bring players back to 1987 which was the year that Maniac Mansion was released. Currently, the game is available for PC, MAC, Xbox One, iPhone, iPad, and is coming soon to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Their site is: https://thimbleweedpark.com/ I was a backer of the original Kickstarter campaign. Having played Maniac Mansion as a kid, this game definitely brings back the feel of point and click games of the past. Recently, I've decided to finally install it and start playing it and the twisted humor is definitely there. Who else has played Thimbleweed Park?
  25. Architectural Competition 7 (AC7) Theme: Haunted Houses Architectural Competition 7 (AC7) is the next contest in our AC series. Since Halloween is next month, the goal of AC7 is to build a haunted house on your assigned plot. To get a plot and enter the contest, simply RSVP on the calendar before 9/25/17 (the official start date). Rules: One plot per person! Build inside your assigned plot RSVP by 9/25/17 Open to all registered users Plots: [.B][D] [A][C] Plots Assigned: Plot A: Wabuf Plot B: Coastercraze Plot C: Shaw_ShankD Plot D: LaZy__Sp00nz27 Calendar: https://www.thechunkrepublic.com/calendar/event/12-architectural-competition-7-ac7/
  26. So... It's 2017 and we haven't had a contest in a while. What do you guys think of another AC maybe?
  27. Finished season 1 of Ozark. Very good!
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