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Oh boy, E3


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Xbox 1(Lol one....) is semi-boned.


I've told my friends about the crap the xbox 1 was trying to pull and I asked if they would get a ps4 instead.

(Most of them have the 360)


The most common answer seemed to be "I'll just stick with my 360."

I for one am probably not going to buy a new generation console because I play on pc a good %90 of the time. 


So, in a few years when people begin to by the next gen consoles.

Microsoft is boned. 

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Well, with the release of Windows 8 and the immense failure that was, the Xbox One is just another nail in the, oh, 20-30 year coffin. So yeah, they're boned. If you wanna see some real innovation, go to http://www.apple.com/ and watch the video of the latest WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference). Your mind will be blown. I know mine was!

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Indeed indeed, but the Xbone will not die.  It's lineup of exclusives are better than the PS4 exclusives I would say.


Not to mention the price tag on the PS3 was $600, and everyone said it would be the death of Sony, but it wasn't.  It wasn't a nail in the coffin then.  Sony didn't mention this time that you had to pay for multiplayer though, which was carefully skimmed over.


Who won the conference?  Sony did.  Who wins in the long run?  It's hard to tell.  I think they would both be sold out, since most consumers aren't on the internet ranting how bad Xbone is.  

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Everybody chases douchebag dumbass developers Sony and Microsoft.


By no means are these people dumb lazy.

If they were dumb nobody would be talking about them. 


My love always goes with Nintendo, but only for the games they develop.

It always seems weird to me.

I hate playing games not published by Nintendo on their console....


Edit: Maybe I'm bias because of this


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Kids, please remember that Sony is also a "media company - AKA part of the RIAA & MPAA" which "sues people for millions for a song or two" and that the PS3 has "anti-piracy" built into it so the PS4 will also have "anti-piracy" built into it too. Not that it means much to some, but it does show that Sony spies on what you watch / play on your Playstation. Just name a video file Project X and see what it does. :o

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I get what most of my friends get


I just told my friends that the PS4 was cheaper, and better supported trading games/ used games.


That did it. 


Even though, still most of them said they would just stick with the 360 until the consoles prices lowered. 

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