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These days, I've been sticking to the regular cocktail of electronic genres. Here's a few examples.
IDM (intelligent dance music)
Disclosure - 'White Noise' featuring AlunaGeorge

Nu Disco
OliverNelson - Kim Cesarion 'Undressed' Remix
DnB (drum and bass)
Draper - 'Night Rider' featuring Phoebe Ray

Electro House
Zedd - Empire Of The Sun 'Alive' Remix

Ochre - Leaving Acardia


Parody (non-electronic)

Andy Rehfeldt - Behemoth 'Demigod' (Radio Disney Version)

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The main genre of music I listen to is Rap, not mainstream but "Indie" aka Independent labels:


"Go Off"- Jarren Benton feat. SwizZz and Hopsin (Prod by M16)



"Heart Attack"- Jarren Benton (Prod by The Kraken)



"The First Agreement"- Dizzy Wright feat. Nikkiya and Manny Scott (Prod by 3rdEye)


"Techicians"- Tech N9ne




Only a little taste of the music I listen to.

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Old thread, but one of my favorite bands, Theory of a Deadman released a new song today, "Drown" which is on their album "SaVages" set to come out on July 8th. I'm pretty excited for it because they are supposed to be taking more of a step back to a heavier style of music compared to their last album (thank god) and this song proves that. This song sounds a little odd at first to many people (me included) but after a few listens it started to grow on me as I get used to hearing more of their old style again, anyways enough jabbering here's the song. 


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Probably the only good music now a days.


Never gonna get old, Never gonna stop falling for these. Never gonna care if people hate it.


On topic I'm a Metal and Hard Rock man mostly. I also have a fondness for french house, but then again who doesn't.

The Faceless (Progressive Death Metal) give it a listen, this song is tame.



Killswitch Engage (Metalcore) probably the single most popular song in this entire subgenre.



Devildriver (Groove Metal) one of most talented bands of this subgenre, not so tame.


Tool (Alternative Metal) If Tool and Daft Punk have 1 thing in common, it would be that you can't dislike them and call yourself a human being.


Amon Amarth (Swedish Viking Melodic Death Metal) as opposed to Viking Metal, a different sound entirely.


Alestorm (Pirate Folk Metal) Arrrggg Definitely not to be confused with Halestorm.


The Link in my Sig is a great song as well.


A little sample of what I listen to, just to illustrate how vast and varied my favorite genre is.

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