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Who wants diamonds in survival?


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Hello, if anybody is looking for diamonds that are easy and cheap to get while having fun then look no further.. Actually please keep on reading for more information.


I am freely willing to give away 9 of my diamonds, but the catch? A Joust/PvP tournament.




First: 5 Diamonds

Second: 2 Diamonds

Third:1 Diamond

Everyone else: Nothing


Since I am still in the process of building the arena it will be a while before it is ready, and I am busy so probably sometime in August. If you want to participate please say if you want to down below.


Since the rules are complicated I will explain to all participants in a skype call, my skype: lazy_sp00n, add me if you want to participate and I have not got you on my contacts.


*SIDE NOTE* All diamonds won as prizes are from my own survival finds, and this event is purely for promoting more community events with a little fun in game event and of course for fun.


Date: TBA


I will not be participating since I am host.


Rules: TBA


Thanks for reading, ~ The Almighty Lazy Sp00n (LaZy__Sp00nz27)


And please tell people about this, we want the forums to be checked more for events and community thoughts and input.


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