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Tis the season to spend money and play hard!


Two events are doming this season!


There is the


12 Days of Christmas Event


and the


Wish Tree Event




Wish Tree Event


If you may have noticed, there is now a big Christmas Tree by the spawn castle!


Underneath the tree, there are signs where you can put your wishes!


Since Santa Claus doesn't exist, Wabuf the Magical Admin can grant your wishes!


Remember, Wabuf the Magical Admin knows whether you have been naughty or nice and has a (violation) list and is checking it twice!


If you've been good, have no worries! Your wish will be granted! [unless you ask for random things like Moderator position or creative in which case you are breaking the rules and will end up in a pit of lava by accidental tp.]


If you've been bad...you might just get a stack of coal >:I!


An example of a wish is like [I want a skele dungeon under my house!] or [I want a level 5 enchanted pickax!]


Wishes that will NOT be granted is like [I want A BILLION DIAMONDS LOLOL] or [GIVE ME CREATIVE] or [BLOW UP JMAN2345678 FOR ME CUZ I DON'T LIKE HIM!]


Ask politely too, otherwise Wabuf the Magical Admin could prank you instead!





The 12 Days of Christmas Event


During the 12 Days of Christmas, Mythil will assign a chest by spawn to you and give you a present for each consecutive day!


This event costs $200 CRB though, so you need to make your money FAST!


You need to sign up on this post in the forums, so it is publicly declared that you want to participate in this event!


Remember, if you sign up, $200 CRB will be deducted from your in game account!


Gifts include hard to get items such as:

-golden apples


-melon seeds

and much, much more!


An example is on the second day of Christmas, Mod Mythil gave to meeeeeeeeee~

...2 stacks of wheat and a stack of evergreen treeeeeeeeeees.

In this case, day one will get you a stack of evergreen saplings and day two will get you 2 stacks of wheat, which is already a great deal!


Sign up before December First to receive a 10 free iron bars! o 3o

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Alright guys, a clarification.


The 12 Days event starts on the 12 of December and will be taking place every day before Christmas. It's not your traditional advent calender, nor is it the actual 12 days of Christmas, since I have other things planned. o3o

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Hahaha, only about a year late...


I might be making a tree here soon. There may be some sort of thing where I'll have gifts for everyone. I was thinking of making a small database of goodies and scrambling them to find out who gets what. Some will be an amount of CRBs some will be heavily enchanted items, others will be as above, a stack of coal .. LOL.

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