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Cursing and Language



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  1. 1. Do you curse/swear/use "bad" language?

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So, I was just wondering why people choose to curse/swear.


Personally, I don't.


If we can't use the language in polite society, why should we?


Why should we modify our speech when there are kids around?


I just want to understand your point of perspective.

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Both 'polite society' and the idea that cursing is actually cursing (mentally, physically and spiritually detrimental). Notice how people who curse are themselves, cursed. They're normally angry, emotionally broken, financially broken, or just plain miserable people. There is a lifestyle that accompanies those who curse. I believe it's also a matter of intelligence. To communicate without cursing and to use proper language in all situations is being outwardly more intelligent and will often achieve better results.

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I curse. I'm able to carry an intellectual conversation without the use of profound language, as well as live a very healthy lifestyle. I'm not going to go up to a family and scream at them, stringing together the best of all curses though. 

However, I can certainly agree with Wabuf in a sense that in some way they are broken, like myself.

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I guess I will also be agreeing I am on the same kind of boat Lief is, I mainly curse (jokingly and not every second word is a curse) around people who I have known for a while (people who have known me well for more than a year) and understand my sense of humor, if I get mad (frustration or being ticked off, something of those sorts)  I usually yell/grunt angrily. But I do not to curse in my everyday normal talking, I talk like how you would talk to a teacher or boss in most conversations (unless to a good friend).


So to sum it up easily, I only jokingly curse around people who know my sense of humor and I try to come off as someone who can actually carry on a civilized conversation. And when I get mad at whatever pulled my strings the wrong way, I usually yell to make a random loud noise.


And I can relate with what Wabuf said seeing that people who do curse a lot in conversation are in some way miserable.

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