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Playing with Friends or Playing Solo?



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  1. 1. Do you prefer playing with friends or playing solo in games?

    • I prefer playing with friends.
    • I prefer playing by myself.
    • Depends on the game.

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I was just wondering what all ya'll feelings are like on this topic.


Personally, I prefer playing with friends.  Nothing motivates me to play by myself.  


For example: Minecraft.


To be honest, the reason I didn't get on the server much was the fact that we never really hung out, in game.  No joint projects mostly and I couldn't explore other people's houses since everything is protectmania lol.  


Recently, Cloud got on and started building, so I obviously started building right next to him for the heck of it.  Now that he's rarely on and I haven't seen any progress on the building, I've kinda stopped.  Also, server map might restart, which is also a thing.


What are your thoughts?

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It depends on what I am doing in minecraft for me, I can do almost anything solo and I am ok with it, but I do like to play with friends if it is either survival or some mini game and maybe if we had some joint projects more often then there would be more drive for me to play more survival rather than creative or some mini game.


I have personal opinions about a survival server and how it would become a stronger community (aka more joint projects, or helping with making a mob grinder or spawn area), then again I do not see this happening soonish because I prefer to play 100% vanilla (even though I do not mind /spawn or /home) when it comes to survival because then the community becomes a more friendly community (aka nobody dislikes anyone), then again I watch a fair share of mindcrack videos and what I am talking about would need to have a more strict whitelist so I know a full time 100% vanilla server will not happen.


I think a starting solution would to try and be on skype more (and have people from the server added) so you can at least message other people and maybe plan to build something or fight a wither. Which would help make a strong core community group.


But for me as long as people log on as regularly as they can in this busy time of year I am good with that, because I know everyone has their own lives to attend to first, but it is nice to see people on more regularly. 

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I guess I should mention that if you voted, please state why.


Seriously, I want to know.


For me, single player games are a bit boring, since I barely play anything for the game play and mostly play for spending time with people.  I usually just watch the entirety of the game on youtube instead of buying/playing it.

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If there were a gradient of answer--like, somewhere between 'I prefer playing with friends.' and 'Depends on the game.', then I would be there leaning toward playing with friends. However, Minecraft could go either way. Depends on the mod. If you were talking FPS, it's multiplayer. If you're talking RTS, it's singleplayer. Garry's Mod .. multiplayer.


Those who know me in real life may say otherwise, but I'm slightly introvert. Socializing takes a lot out of me and I have to be prepared before socializing. Games somewhat blur that boundary, but with me they still have a slight affect.

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It really depends on the game. If it's  honestly anything valve and can play multiplayer it's always better with friends, but if you're playing SC2 or any rts for that matter, I like to play solo. I've been busy all of a sudden and coordinating an event with others has become more difficult and anytime I do have is most likely devoted to Team Fortress 2

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