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(Closed) Rcraventodd1 *Banned


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Rcraventodd1 has been demoted to non-member [-] and is pending ban for the following:

15 stacks of Iron Blocks were found in his home near spawn and 12 more stacks in his inventory; 27 total.


Our rules regarding artificial insertion of items:

By joining our server, you agree to:

[*:1mqa74qt]Not use client-side modifications; specifically:


[*:1mqa74qt]Give or item generation modifications - [iB] (instant ban)

Does 15,552 Iron sound possible to mine, let alone smelt in a week?

It would take 1,944 Coal exactly 39:57:36 to smelt (hh:mm:ss). Minecraft Wiki: Smelting


Rcraventodd1 will remain [-] until further notice and will be automatically banned if no response within the week.

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