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Creative Mode Spam + Orphan Trees


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Okay so, I was wondering through my underwater city when I came upon this.




A rather long tunnel made of sponges to a random island in the middle of the ocean.


I don't know if that counts as greifing, but it could be hacking to get these weapons. I mean, with creative, you could just fly over to that island, amirite?


Also, orphan trees near spawn.


Just a question, does cookiethief have creative?

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Yes, and when I gave it to him, I asked if he was working on a project. He said he was, but I haven't seen any evidence or apparent accomplishments. I'll give it back after my little finals break or if I see him actually dedicating himself to some ongoing project requiring creative.


And with the orphaned trees, I have started charging people for it. $20 per incident. xUKxASx already had 13 of these incidents and his account is now dwindling. When I asked him if he left the tree-tops he said, "Yes, I couldn't reach them." I said, "How about you use some dirt, gravel or sand to get up there?" He replied, "I didn't have any and never carry any." Like I should've known or something. :o So I felt no remorse when deducting $260 from his account and not even telling him about it; that's inexcusable. BTW: If they run out of money, do /money remove to remove their account until they post in the forum or talk directly to a staff member.


Who would've thought .. that poor lumbering skills would cost people so dearly?

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