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So I am on a quest to rid my life of the crappy computers that my family has been oh-so-accustomed to. I am the first person in my family to actually understand technology, so I want to build my own high(ish)-end desktop for my own use and enjoyment. The problem is that I have never done this before, and have never messed around/explored hardware before, so I basically dont know the difference between a graphics card and a motherboard. (that was of course an exaggeration) But I need some help from you guys to put this thing together. Remember, I'm not looking at some crazy super computer that can play 100 videogames at once on high graphics settings, just a good, reliable, gaming machine that I can live with.


If you feel like helping me do this, just post up some parts (maybe even a link?) that I could look into buying. Here's what I'm started on...


Which one of THESE


i5 or i7? (remember I dont want to punch a hole in my tree erm i mean wallet)

currently im looking at this i5


also, graphics cards I am completely lost on... but yeah just give suggestions or links or w/e.



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http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 11-129-066

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6819115072

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6822145532

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6813131770

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6820231438

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6817341022

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6814150521


Have a look into those and see what you want. That'd be about $800 - whatever rebates you end up getting back.


If you want something a bit cheaper, drop Intel and go with AMD Phenom II X6 1066T (I think that's the one) and for a board ASUS is usually the top board maker.

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there is a difference in RAM but i can't think of many differences at the moment, but as to quantity, 4 should be good for games, any more would be a waste unless your wabuf, who creates HD video all the time, and manages to use all 12GB of the RAM he has...


( < 4 GB would be used for digital/multimedia production... )

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Coaster's choices are exceptional, however:

Get Mushkin RAM if you care about RAM quality at all, whatsoever. I have tried them all.


Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 12GB - $68 (Blackline = gaming RAM)

I just got this same 12 GB tri-channel setup for $123 about 2 months ago.

...it's come down to $68 since then with free shipping (lol, it hurts >.


I have this stuff running at slightly over 2000 MHz--a bit overclocked from the stock 1600 MHz it advertises, and it absolutely runs like a dream. It gets programs (any number of them) up and running so quickly and smoothly, it's unreal. One of the best performance enhancements you can give your computer.

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Ah, that's a shame. That Mushkin is the best price it's ever been... O:

A few years back, 12 GBs of triple-channel RAM was easily $500. That's why it's such a big deal. Ripjaws was the last RAM I owned before this Mushkin and it really didn't perform as it stated... it wouldn't even run cool at it's stock clock rate. Hence, the reason why my Minecraft always used to crash. xD


Yes it does matter where you put RAM. If it's dual or tri channel they must go in a certain way in order for you to get the full MHz out of it. Otherwise, you won't get the full performance.


For Example:

Let's say your board has 6 DDR3 RAM slots.
Here is how you would arrange dual-channel:
[] | [] | | |

Here is how you would arrange tri-channel:
[] | [] | [] |

| = empty slot     [] = stick of RAM
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I haven't tried out Mushkin yet so I can't comment on that.


G-Skill seems alright to me. I'm using the dark blue sticks (mind you they were $80 during the RAM price hikes lol). Crucial is also another good brand which I use in my netbook. The main thing on RAM is to look for the CAS latency (lower is better).


If the ram brands are all the same size, it doesn't make a difference where it's at. The main thing is if you put 4GB in the first slot, put the next 4GB stick in the 3rd slot (leave one open between them). Then put say a 2GB and 2GB in the empty slots and that should do it. Also make sure when buying ram it's like -minded as the type and latencies. (DDR3 1600 for example with a CAS latency of 7)

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Give me the ultimate pros/cons to buying a pre-made PC to building my own.

Buying Premade - Pros:


[*:2spsn4nd]All the internal components are compatible (manufacutrer tested)Buying Premade - Cons:


[*:2spsn4nd]Much more expensive

[*:2spsn4nd]Usually less powerful

[*:2spsn4nd]Full of useless programs

[*:2spsn4nd]Usually comes with a crap OS (Home or Standard editions)

[*:2spsn4nd]Chances are even if it doesn't say "Dell", it probably isBuilding Your Own - Pros:


[*:2spsn4nd]It is less expensive

[*:2spsn4nd]You get what you want

[*:2spsn4nd]You know what you're getting

[*:2spsn4nd]It is no longer a PC, it's a workstation

[*:2spsn4nd]You get better warranties per product (and another through Newegg)

[*:2spsn4nd]You will better know how to replace parts if you built itBuilding Your Own - Cons:


[*:2spsn4nd]You have to know how to do it

[*:2spsn4nd]You have to buy everything separately (However, you can buy all parts in 1 order on Newegg)

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Santa (and my uncle who works for microsoft) did a good job this christmas! I now have the following parts!


- Case

- i5 2500K processor

- Windows 7 Professional

- 4GB of RAM

- a morph suit


well, the last bit isn't really for my computer, but yeah its all good. MERRY CHRISTMAS ERRBUDY :arrow::lol::lol::D

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okay so I'm scared that I shorted my motherboard somehow... because when i flipped the PSU switch, the fan lights came on for a split second and the fans twitched (they are plugged directly into the PSU) but then they both stopped and now my computer won't do anything I dont think... :cry:


anyone have any input on this?

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