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Farm Grief


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I could modify some of these settings:

    disable-creature-trampling 	 Prevent creatures from trampling crops.
    disable-player-trampling 	   Prevent players from trampling crops.
However, it would disable creature and/or player crop trampling entirely; taking away that feature of Minecraft. I agree, it's an unpleasant feature, but it's like getting hurt by monsters--can't have Minecraft without it... :/
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Well, this same thing will happen to a farm that has no fencing or has just been left untouched for too long; it's a natural process. The process is called letting your farm go fallow. Technically, they did indirectly grief your farm--grief by association, but this isn't enough to constitute any real action. What if you just had chickens that trampled your crops and you wanted to blame it on someone and get them a strike? If you can plainly prove who did it, they'll get a strike.

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