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Destruction and robbery of property


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I don't know who did this, but apparently there was some griefing that went on yesterday night or sometime around there. Some of the underwater domes that Archalieus and I owned were destroyed intentionally and there was massive flooding.


I managed to fix most of the holes, but apparently I forgot to lock the chests and we lost all the sand and glass we had, which wasn't that much. All our redstone was stolen along with the iron and the iron were used to create buckets.


I have no idea why someone would make that many buckets. >.>


Also, swastika in the dome.


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Wow, I'll figure it out (hopefully). I know what it's like to get griefed... :/

As far as the TNT .. I'll be on in a minute to check it out.


EDIT: I just got on and put a bit of glass back in your glass chest. Also, I fixed the swastika hole. No leads as to who it was yet. You'll just have to be observant when someone unfamiliar gets on and you see them spawn in your base (because that's likely a good description of who did it).

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Just me and thatrandomdude were on and he randomly told me to meet up with him. I got to the well in Somewhere and he handed over 3 gold blocks and 6 iron ones. Kinda strange that he would just hand over that much. Also wearing full gold armor and had a gold sword. wouldnt tell me where the blocks were from either.

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