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Exam Week/Month


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In case you didn't notice, I haven't been on much Minecraft-wise.  Still check the forums a few times a day, but not posting much just because haven't been thinking about plot/building/Minecraft stuff.


So yeah, good luck to all those others with their exams.

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Cool vid! No exams for me thankfully, but I am definitely thinking of everyone cramming hard for those exams, projects and presentations--wishing everyone the best.


Cramming and stress-relief suggestion: ASMR YouTube videos.

This may sound strange, but if you have ever unintentionally zoned out while watching, listening or feeling something and get a mild tingly sensation throughout your head and body, then you'll know what I mean. Not everyone has it; Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is your body's response to relaxing external stimuli or triggers. Everyone has different triggers, whether it's whispering, tapping noises, crinkling, watching someone meticulously organize or create something. While I highly suggest ASMR sessions, they are essentially zoning out (lol). Be sure to ration your time wisely. The best approach is a half hour before bed, as a sort of cool-down and sleep aid.


If anyone's interested in high quality ASMR channels, throw me a PM.

Really helped me chill before stressful events in school.

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