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(Closed) Cuboid_Cube *Banned


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These are a few of the many, many reasons Cuboid_Cube was banned:



[*:rcueiofe]Cuboid_Cube admitted he got banned on another server:

<[+]Cuboid_Cube> im going to another server 
<[D]DrankisDank> mmkay 
Cuboid_Cube lost connection: disconnect.quitting
Cuboid_Cube [/] logged in with entity id 809264 at ([world] -504, 67, 408)
<[+]zoathewind> lol 
<[D]DrankisDank> XDXDXD 
<[+]Cuboid_Cube> oh i got banned on that server
o _ o

[*:rcueiofe]He repeatedly confessed hatred to other members:

<[+]Cuboid_Cube> i hate both of you
                                  @ Zoathewind & DrankisDank
[*:rcueiofe]Constant chat spam and nagging:

<[+]Cuboid_Cube> guys
<[+]Cuboid_Cube> giv me a golden apple 
<[+]Cuboid_Cube> GIMME SOME APPLES
<[+]Cuboid_Cube> HEY GAYS 
<[+]Cuboid_Cube> GOLDEN APPLE NOW
Spammed non-stop faux-commands:
[Alerter]: [2] Cuboid_Cube use a command: /changeworld to world
[Alerter]: [3] Cuboid_Cube use a command: /tpmetoworld
[Alerter]: [4] Cuboid_Cube use a command: /tpmeplease
[Alerter]: [6] Cuboid_Cube use a command: /mw goto nether please
[Alerter]: [7] Cuboid_Cube use a command: /mw lista
[Alerter]: [8] Cuboid_Cube use a command: /mw gotogargamel
[Alerter]: [13] Cuboid_Cube used a command: /ban cuboid_cube for being kewl?
[*:rcueiofe]Threats against others' property:

<[+]Cuboid_Cube> his stuff is going to burn
[*:rcueiofe]And other creepy statements like:

<[+]Cuboid_Cube> griefers dont speak
NO appeal for this ban, because he's been banned previously--within reason, TWICE. This is permanent.
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