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1.7.2 is out!


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I'll be compiling a stable, barebones Bukkit 1.7.x configuration in the next several days. As you all more than likely guessed, there are no 1.7.x Bukkit builds to speak of. EvilSeph's latest PSA on the Bukkit Forums is still dealing with late 1.6.x issues related to in-game structures and how skipping the late 1.6.x update could possibly botch the map structures. In other words, there's going to be a substantial wait.


But while we wait .. go vanilla!

If the map's not too fudged up after this period, we may keep the it for the future setup! ^_^


EDIT: Oh yeah, whitelist is on. The same one we use for our Feed The Beast server.

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I agree with Jonas on keeping it vanilla. Personally I find it more fun to play because when you complete a task it feels better that you know it was 100% vanilla and it gives a better opportunity to do stuff with other people you normally wouldn't (because of time zones and schedules etc.. ).


I am pretty sure Jonas was talking about the map itself - which I want to keep because this river valley goes on and on - plus my island is cozy :)

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