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Headphones, Headsets, and Microphones Oh My!


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So like many computer enthusiasts, I want some good headphones! but found out the insane ammount of options and price ranges I had. I then thought of all the other things in this general topic. Hopefully, creating this thread will expand my and the common viewer's awareness of lesser known audio companies. So using the limited knowledge I have on things of this sort, I decided to make my own reviews on products I bought. I also strongly reccomend you add on too!


I made my selections off of things I have bought and proven.




Rocketfish Universal Wired Gaming Headset (Won them in an auction hue hue hue)

*As a disclaimer I do not reccomend buying universal headsets in general


I won these headsets in an auction and sometimes I wish I hadn't. Downloading the drivers was probably the most annoying thing I ever had to do with AMY hardware I have ever used. Took me hours of installing and uninstalling untill it decided to work, might be only me though Q _Q Some might remember me raging about them on skype. 


The Stats


Comfort: 5/10 hurt my ears after an hour plus of use alot of people dont agree with me though XD.

Audio: 5/10 pretty decent but nothing special

Mic: 4/10 I had such difficulty getting it to work and it worked sub par at best.

Price: N/A got them for free


The Verdict 4/10

Pretty poor product overall, but saved me from having to switch my xbobx 360 headset to my computer headset.



Triton AX Pro 720


I actually really enjoyed this headset but not enough to say it was a good deal. I feel like I got less than what I paid for.


The Stats


Comfort: 6/10 Hurts your ears tremendously after 2 hours of use. Comfortable before that though ;d

Audio: 8/10 I absolutely LOVED the audio for some reason, probably because it was my first experience with a surrond sound headset.

Mic: 6/10 Alot of youtubers use this microphone and sound actually pretty decent with it, for me it was a different story, choppy and glitchy at times.

Price: 4/10 I still to this day don't think it was worth it, but I could be wrong. It was also my first over 100 dollar purchase on a headset


The Verdict 6/10

Worked very well for me at the time still have doubts about the price.



Gamecom 367 Gaming Headst


Dang these really upped in price I got them for 20-30 dollars and would give them to close friends at birthday parties.


I actually don't have any info on these and was tempted to leave them out of this thread, but my friends said they "enjoyed" them. Oh well!






Headphone time!


Shoot I've never used any.....





Microphone time!


Blue Yeti Condenser Microphone


The only microphone I bought and have! I've actually had some big problems with the yeti as they sent me a defected one Q_Q. They were nice enough to refund me a new Blue Yeti that works perfectly! Not needing to install drivers is so awesome, just plug it into any computer for instant voice!


Comfort: N/A

Audio: N/A

Mic: 9/10 The best way to get your voice clear loud and smooth across the internet without going over 150 dollars. Even better when you add a pop filter to it!

Price: 9/10 I thought it was an extremely good price for what I got!


The Verdict 9/10

Really enjoy it!


So! as you can see I'm looking for a 100 - 150 dollar headset with good sound and must have great comfort. Please help me out!



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A suggestion from someone who has spent over a decade purchasing such merchandise,


Do not buy ANYTHING with 'Gaming' in the title. Oh, did I stutter? ANYTHING. Also 'Turtle', 'Beats', you know... Dirty truth behind those are that they're literally Hynix, CA, or some other garbage hardware fit into a fancy shell and sold for 50x the going rate.

o _ o


The Blue Yeti is good, but there are many better options. For example, I have an Audio Technica Cardoid Condenser Vocal USB Microphone (AT2020B). Bought it about 5 years ago and it's still an incredible microphone, great for everything from gaming to sampling. Look into good names like Sennheiser, Bose, Audio Technica, Logitech, Shure, Behringer, etc (they're all great). Only difference which made me decide on the Audio Technica was the price--it had all the same frequency ranges, compatibilities, etc. as the big-name audio equipment manufacturers, but a better price.


Another warning; Don't always go for the most inexpensive, go for the best value. Get the best thing for the best price. Once you've decided on what you believe to be a good product at a good value, watch some unboxing and review videos to get a feel before you buy-don't forget to read the comments, too!


My current headphones, the Sennheiser RS170s are incredible. They've been hailed as the best TV headphones for a reason. The wireless technology uses an unparalleled raw, uncompressed signal. Most importantly, they sound great and are extraordinarily comfortable.


Great reviews on your existing hardware. Seems like a balanced, unbiased approach to the market.

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Yeah, I have had Bose earbuds for at least 5 years. Great quality, super reliable. Can't really go wrong, all you have to do is go a little out of your budget. A slight warning about the model you are looking into: Headphones with one wire do not last nearly as long as those with a wire entering each side. Not sure why that is, but they just don't seem to hold up.


@Edit: "Clearer sound. Deeper Bass" .. "crystal clear highs and deep, rumbling lows" Haha if your lows are rumbling, that's not good. That's called peaking. Beats have the 60Hz to 200Hz range (bass) boosted up several decibels causing frequencies to peak.


@Double Edit: Sounds like a plan. #TaxEvasion

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Do not buy ANYTHING with 'Gaming' in the title. Oh, did I stutter? ANYTHING. Also 'Turtle', 'Beats', you know... Dirty truth behind those are that they're literally Hynix, CA, or some other garbage hardware fit into a fancy shell and sold for 50x the going rate.

o _ o

I disagree on this, i've had a set of Turtle beach x41, for a couple of years, and they're insanely great.

When it comes to gaming, i have never had such good audio quality.

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Yeah Jonas, think about what you just said. xD I'm sure they were okay and tuned to amp up bass and treble and ignore mid ranges for the average inept gamer--but in the real world, they do not even compete with most other brands.


The RS/HD Sennheisers and others (Bose, Audio Technica, Shure) are where the bar is currently set. I also have an older pair of Sennheiser HD700 Pros. Again, better than most anything else out there today. This is mostly due to the fact that the worst audiophile (studio monitoring) headphone ever made are better than the best gaming headphone ever made.


For Example,

Standard gaming headsets' Hertz range: 20Hz - 20kHz

Standard audiophile headsets' Hertz range: 5Hz - 42kHz


For those who don't know, the number on the left is a very low frequency (i.e. pitch) and on the right, high frequency. The latter shows the superior frequency range.

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What is outputting the sound matters too. ;) (ex: Video card, sound card, onboard, etc)


Basic analog and digital audio hardware (onboard or otherwise) cover the full range--through inaudible. Hardware output values only matter on higher end audio equipment where you would need full control over voltages for impedance matching.

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