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I got into Lumosity when I graduated college and joined the workforce. The idea is to keep you sharp and improve skills important to your ever-developing brains. Lumosity does this through the use of games. No, not boring crosswords or repetitive questionnaires. Through genuinely fun games which continually become more challenging, yet rarely get frustrating because your mind adapts to the gradually heightened performance. Essentially you compete against yourself. However, there is an age-based How You Compare percentile shown in the spoiler below which shows how you stack up!



My most recent results! 8-)






Personally, the only drawback is that it costs money. Yearly is around $80 USD. Lifetime is around $200 USD. I went with a lifetime subscription due to the value and a great amount of research. I reasoned with my frugal side by comparing the $200 USD with merely a couple of console or Steam games. What you're really paying for is a fully managed, cloud-based arcade that is hand-made by gifted programmers and neuroscientists. Lumosity's Facebook page always posts their research and findings with links to the scientific publications from which they're based. There is a free 3-day trial at lumosity.com which I highly recommend to those interested in bettering their mental health.


Exercise that noggin! :geek:

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