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Updates 2/10/14 - Minecraft server migration | New DarkRP + Mumble servers


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Quite a lot of updates to tell you about today...


Many of you have requested and demanded that we bring up a Garry's Mod server. While a work in progress, the server is up and running as a DarkRP server.


You can check that out by connecting to: darkrp.wabuf.com


Next, a voice server was really needed, so without further ado, let me introduce you to our new Mumble server!


You can connect to that by using: mumble.wabuf.com port: 23070


Forums / threads will be created momentarily for these.


Next, I will be moving the Minecraft server shortly. The url is still craft.wabuf.com as usual for that. Please expect a little bit of downtime as I download / upload the world and configs to the new host.


Please note that we will also be working on a bukkit configuration for the new server as well.


Last but not least, if you haven't already noticed, we do have a Starbound server. I will get that updated shortly.


You can always connect to that using: star.wabuf.com


Questions? Comments? Let us know how we're doing!


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