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Can someone make a logo for me? ;3


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Normally I would be all over this, but I'm mega busy with video effects and junk for a friend's channel. I guess it depends on what you want. Post some specifications of the graphic you need and I might be able to produce something for you. Or someone else might be more willing to, seeing your requirements. There are a several good graphic artists around here.

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I don't have a whole lot of specifics. All i have been thinking about is something along the lines of what we have here at The Chunk republic, and then maybe just with the alliance symbol in the background.

I havent really though about a lot, because my creativity is shitty if i should say so myself.


But it's really just like the picture wabuf have posted here: http://thechunkrepublic.com/forum/topic/1454-dark-rp-crafting/

But instead of saying "The chunk republic" it should just say "Solar Flare Homicide" which is the guild im in ^^

Colors, text font and everything like that is up to the designer to play with :)

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