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Minecraft server updates 3/3/14


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Pretty big changes to the Minecraft server. Please note that you may not be able to do anything until you join the server first, then have a staff member promote you to the rank you should be. (ex: Member or Donor)


There is a new currency called Gems. Emeralds are converted to gems when you right click on them. Mobs now drop emeralds too (random amounts per each level of difficulty) so you should have an incentive to fight those pesky skeletons to get rich!


You can now protect your land using LandLock. This will create a worldguard region around your area selected. Use the wooden axe to select the area in a cuboid format (3D coordinates) Use the /ll help command to view more info on that. (Should be /ll buy region_name - where region_name is what you named it and /ll sell region_name)


Donors get access to 5 home and a nice blue username. More incentives are in store for the future as well!


You can now make stores using villagers. You will need to have a chest and use the command: /shopkeeper


Add your items into the chest that you want to sell. Right click the shopkeeper while sneaking to modify the villager.


Top row = items

Bottom two rows = cost

Slimeball = free

Emerald should be the cost.


Tutorial (fast forward to 4 mins (4:00))


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