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Spinner541 Modding (Banned)


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I wanted to introduce myself to Spinner, seeing as I had yet to meet this new member. Deciding to greet him I quickly teleported to him. Thus it begins.


At first, it was mining without making direct contact with the blocks. He was hiding in that tiny hole on the left.





Then it was minor griefing and what may or have may not been chest-looting.





So I decide to take a look at his inventory.





*So let's take a look in that Ender Chest of his.





Another look after he logged out.







User Spinner541 is banned, with 72 hours to appeal.

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With the registration date being only 4 days ago, I find it hard to believe that someone could legitimately obtain all those resources so quickly. I'd like to give the benefit of the doubt, but we shall see.


*User was very interested in the new Emerald Conversion building I was working on and constantly asked if it would be ready.

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why did you ban me. I dint do anything wrong and i didn't mod or hack. Could you tell me what i did wrong. Please un-ban me :(

I banned you under the pretense of these findings.


It was in violation of multiple rules.


Those of which include -

  • Stealing Resources owned by someone other than yourself.
  • X-ray, radar, or any form of wall-hack.
  • Give or item generation modifications
You may appeal at the post you are mentioned in. You have 72 hours to prove your innocence.


Sorry, just doing my job.


How did i give myself items, i went mining and got diamonds, whats wrong with that. x-ray radar wall-hacks could you explain how i was using them because i wasn't and ounce again just because i found diamonds doesn't mean i was i was stealing or hacking. I am totally innocent and there isn't one way to prove i am guilty because i din't do anything wrong

Have you actually visited the thread in which there are screenshots?





When I first TP'd over to you, and made the comment about the creeper explosion, it was a cover. TNT and Creeper explosions are off on our server. There is no way that could have happened without player interaction. I saw you in your little hole, featured in a screenshot, mining away and unreachable blocks.


When I say you at AgentRhino007's house, you were constantly hitting me at a rate which is similar to that of a Nodus hack client, which keeps mobs and players away.


AgentRhino007 claims that you have stolen his Diamond Sword, Chuck Norris, and other admins have also caught you doing suspicious things.


PLEASE, go to the thread and respond there. That is the only way this will be resolved.




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