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Appeal for re-whitelisting


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Hey. So I got un-whitelisted for stealing, which I hadn't realised I was actually doing..... Anyway, it happened in the past, and I was hoping, since I did apologise, etcetera, that I could be re-added to the Whitelist. 


here's the link to the ban post: 





I'd really appreciate it if I was able to get back to the server. I enjoy playing on it.





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i was wondering why i am no longer whiteisted on the minecraft server, i was on not so long ago and it worked fine, has the whitelist been updated recently, and if so, can i be whitelisted again?


Kind of... more like a permissions thingy again. Anyways, let me know your in game name and make sure to join the server at least once so that the server creates a file for you (so I can promote you easily)

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