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Google Nexus 10, Tablet ComputerNexus_10.png

(screen images simulated)


This review is based on roughly a month of ownership in the most diverse and harshest environments--Northeast Ohio in one of the most historically extreme winters on record.
As the purchasing agent for my company, I purchased the Nexus 10 tablet based on its superior specifications, build quality and value. The tablet was released to the market in the fall of 2013 being hailed the highest resolution and best overall offerings in the android tablet world.

Let's begin with the resolution.

Better than anything Apple-based Retina tablet technology, this tablet has the best PPI on the market; 2560x1600 (WQXGA). Check out the screenshot used in the preview--remember to zoom! Basic video and movie playback has yet to fully utilize the higher resolutions. However, applications, games and natively rendered content looks absolutely beautiful. The camera--because of this resolution, shines through due to the ability to instantly enjoy the photos in their full resolution. Every stinkin' pixel.
The rear image sensor is capable of 1080p video at 30 frames per second and 2592×1936 resolution images. The Nexus line is revered for employing sharper, faster, more robust optics and both front and back cameras can back up that claim with incredible performance.

The processor and memory, due to the display resolution, must surely be taxed...

Nope. The Nexus 10 offers the latest and greatest Cortex A15 processor which lives on the Samsung Exynos 5250 chip. The processor is backed up by a powerful quad-core Mali TS04 graphics processor. Let's not forget the memory: 2GB of high speed DDR3. To put it simply, it is rare to experience even the smallest amount of video lag during playback, swiping around dynamic content, etc.

The software is purely android.

Imagine the best of the android phones in today's market (Xperia Z2 or Galaxy S5) and give them a much larger screen and even newer android; That's the Nexus 10. What's more, there is no bloatware! This is a rooted, incredibly natural environment centered around rich content and media consumption.


The speakers. They are awesome.

No tablet currently has better speakers than the front-facing, six stereo speakers featured on the Nexus 10. The bass will actually vibrate in your hands with crisp, clear quality. More than respectable for a tablet.

Battery life.

This tablet features a staggeringly large 9000mAh battery. My phone is 1600mAh and lasts absolutely all day with around 20% left over. Though the Nexus 10 takes two days to charge on a fast charge line, it lasts nearly a week of heavy use out in the field! I know of no better battery in a tablet than this.


Build quality.

There is something to be said about this new Gorilla Glass 2 stuff. In order to scratch this screen, you will need to rub diamonds against it for a while. The edges are a reinforced, hard-plastic material that is minimally rubberized. The back of the tablet is a heavily rubberized, mat black finish great for grip while holding. This is by far more comfortable to hold than the iPad and Kindle. While this tablet like most, fail drop tests, my best advice is to not drop this beautiful piece of technology. Simple as that.
Check out the specifications for yourself, here.

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