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Need ideas for new PC/Xbox 360 Headset


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First a little back story,


So recently my beloved headset the Gioteck EX-05's decided to conk out on me, all the audio was sounding fuzzy and then there was a pop and now there isn't any sound. I opened up where the wire goes into the headphones and there's no visible damage, so I opened the little in line controller box to find yet again no visible damage. I've had this headset for almost two years now so I think a potential upgrade is in order.

I spent £24.99 on them before and they lasted a long time, they were good on Xbox and PC. But now I want something different. 




Find a good headset for less than £35 which will work with PC and Xbox 360


I've been looking on Amazon and such but Headsets aren't really something I know much about.


Thanks In Advance

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Scratch that, I thought you said headphones

Mostly everything in the headset department is just trash.


These are good, but way over the budget.


Or ye old Turtle Beaches

Or you could get a separate mic and buy headphones, which would give you the best overall quality.

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