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PC Building


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One does not simply make a suggestion for a computer. I'll give it my best shot.



Building a computer?


Are you lazy?

yes cuz my name is lazyspoonz huh huh


Then order one from a computer building company and hope they don't hot glue it together wrong.


Are you not lazy?


build your own computer

You can try this; sounds fun


Disclaimer: 9/10 would not recommend buying from any website marketed towards gamers.

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1. Budget / price-range?

2. What games do you wish to play?

3. Style preferences?


If I recall, you're based in Canada? If so, NCIX.com is probably your best bet.


For pre-built, laptops all the way. Acer if you want cheap, Lenovo if you want quality. AMD APU's for budget range (some have dedicated Radeon cards) and Intel Core i5 or i7 with Nvidia GPU for uppper end models.


Here's my build for reference:


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