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My Big Decision


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Hey guys,


I've honestly been thinking about this for a few weeks now and feel it is time to do this, I'm not going to sugar coat anything but I have decided to step down as a Moderator. It's no secret for anyone who knows me that I have been drifting away from Minecraft for some time now and have finally reached the point where I don't even look at it the same anymore, it's just gotten old for me and I hope you understand. Now, this isn't my only reason for doing this but I also have not been very active in forum happenings and events because of my lack of interest as well and feel it isn't fair to keep hold of the position when someone who has great interest in this game like I did when I first joined this server almost 3 years ago (holy cow patties!) instead of someone who is just AFK all the time, also since it is my last year of high school I really need to put my head down and focus on my work, as well as my job and with my free time and such Minecraft no longer seems like a fun way to spend my time.  I want to thank everyone who has made this server a great, fun experience for me and I'd like to especially thank Wabuf and Coaster for running this experience as well as trusting me with the position of Moderator on their great server, but all things must come to an end and I hope everyone understands and hope I'll be able to hop on once and a while to pop in and see how things are going but it's not farewell, it's just see you later (Cheesy much?) :)



Rhino (aka Ryano) 

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Yes, thank you for serving this community!


I can completely relate to the need to drop distractions and focus on real-world issues. I had an unhealthy addiction to TF2 back in high school and it nearly caused me complete failure. I was really highly ranked and well esteemed among the top ranked snipers and notably decent at the spy class, but I had to give it up. I did it rather abruptly, but those groups of friends understood.


We staff--as a whole, are beginning to fall asleep to everyday Minecraft. It is becoming mundane. Our interests keep us longing to start fresh along with the idea of complete vanilla. "I'm bored!", our subconscious exclaims. Personally, I believe our best step forward is a steady, partially-modded 'home' server and a separate 'play' server with frequent mini-games / heavily modded maps.


This goes for all members, not just staff: If at any point in your life, you feel games are more important than family, education, career goals and the like, then please stop playing and focus on living and advancing in life. I know I wouldn't have made it through college playing games 24/7 as I had in high school .. not a chance.


Best of luck, Rhino.

Cheesy alert: Step down as Moderator and moderate your life! ;D

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