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My PC keeps crashing


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OK SO every goddamn time my PC goes to sleep it crashes into a diagnostic screen, which forces me to restart it. it doesn't seem to be overheating so I'm not too sure whats going on, it's extremely consistent.

I dunno it might be something really obvious.

Just in case

AMD FX 6300 series 6 core processor @ 3.5Gz

AMD/ATI MSI 1GB 7700 series graphics card

some old ass Biostar motherboard(A960D+)

LEPA 350w power supply


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Make sure the setting for your hard drive is to never sleep or spin down. What's probably happening is your computer is left on for a certain amount of time until the hard disks spin down and the system goes into a slight or full hibernation. Full hibernation will take a few minutes to return from whereas sleep should be nearly instant.


Some updates may have force preset your power options to some garbage "eco" setting. Just take all that off and go for performance.


Oh, and just get in the habit of manually putting it to sleep every time you leave it.

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