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What have you been watching on Netflix?


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Whether you like it or not, Netflix has dominated the world in internet media. It has goten to the point where I refuse to watch regular TV is it's not anything on HBO, AMC, ABC, or a sports related channel.


Shows I watch and have watched all of on Netflix.


House M.D

Parks and Recreation

House of Cards

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

30 Rock

Breaking Bad


and I think I'm going to start watching Community


so, what have you been watching on Netflix?

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I've never had Netflix and don't plan on getting it any time soon, and the only shows I watch on tv now are on the food network or tsn.



But I have this nifty app on my phone that allows me to watch TV shows and movies for free and I've been watching:


Naruto Shippuden

Breaking Bad

Blue Mountain State

Pokemon (here and there)

And a bit of real husband's of Hollywood


I might start watching backstrom though.

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