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Robbed again. :/


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So I was robbed again. It doesn't bother me that they took stuff from my chests.


I have a problem with smashing my roof in, flooding the area, stealing all the torches from my walls, taking all the white cloth, and in general being an a-hole.


Either someone doesn't like me or someone finds griefing an underwater dome that takes a crapton of time to build funny.


So for now, I think I'm going to abandon my projects and play Starcraft II instead, where time and effort can get you money in Major League Gaming.


Sorry for ranting. Later.

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you should really lock your chests, and as for the roof smashing, you can ask an admin to help fix it, they wont have a problem with it


to lock chests, clear your hand from any items, and left click a chest that isnt owned, it should say you own it now


to unlock/lock chests, just left click the chest (you may need a free hand for this also)


to disown a chest, just left click it while holding dirt


i think ill work on protections with worldguard, to see if i can protect your entire area from people other than you, arch, and admins


if you can make a list of things lost, ill give those items back to you if you like


(dont abandon your project, its too awesome to be left unfinished!)

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Yeah, since Arch doesn't come on anyway, I'll go ahead and lock the chests. >.> He's too busy playing DFO.


Well, so far I have lost:

4 stacks of redstone

2 stacks of redstone torches

1 stack of regular track

A TON of torches (already given to me by wabuf)

1 stack of red roses

3 stacks of birch

2 stacks of winter wood something I forget

2 stacks of white cloth

5 stacks of regular wood

1 and a half chests of wheat

1 stack of unprocessed iron ore

10 gold

2 stacks of reeds

5 stacks of glass

1 stack of stone

2 stacks of coal

1 stack of charcoal

1 stack of leather

5 stacks of arrows

Several iron that became buckets..... o_O

15 roast pork

10 raw porkchop

2 and a half stacks of planks

13 wood halfsteps

1 full set of iron armor (at half life)


Yeah, that's all I can think of right now.


So what I know about this person is that each time, they come in several times through different ways. Otherwise several guys coming in through different ways.


Thanks for your help.


Also: the culprit probably has a lot of red cloth, by the looks of it. And redstone systems. So if anyone has those types of buildings? YOU ARE ON MY HIT LIST.

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I'm going to leave my computer running tonight with the 'About' page up, so I can see if anyone gets on. If someone unfamiliar gets on, then I'll get up (middle of the night, whatever) and unleash hell upon their coward-ass. I usually get up several times through the night (we have a new puppy that occasionally needs out).


"What bothers me..."

Griefers don't care what bothers you. They cause damage, they laugh, they leave and feel accomplished. The next thing they want to see most is getting on and seeing their damage still done and you in pieces. DO THE OPPOSITE. Like I always say, make it waaayyyy better than before they griefed! Make it a burden to evenly spread any measurable amount of grief.

Then when they see you're thriving, they die a little inside.

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Yeah, I raged a little too much in the morning. Sorry. :/

Stress from the finals was building up too much. Otherwise I normally would of been like, crap, i should fix that.



......to see my horrible GPA.


-huddles in corner-

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