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Updates 3/27/15


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A few updates for today...


- Added Shopkeepers back to Minecraft server. Original Shopkeepers seem to still be in tact.

- Divided up creative world into areas to organize things. Will be working on it as time goes on.

- Added CS GO Office server and added new thread for it. If you play CS GO, check it out at office.wabuf.com!

- Added GMOD Murder server information to a new thread. If you play Garry's Mod, check it out at murder.ifltg.com!

- AC6 officially ends tomorrow (Saturday), so if you haven't finished yet, please do so now!

- UHC will be planned in the near future

- Possibly other competitions such as CS Go tournaments?

- Will be adding a Gungame server in the near future stay tuned for that!


As usual, comments, suggestions, etc let us know!

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