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Started playing Rust and so far it was alright until I got killed by a few peeps and once by a bear.


So far I've figured out how to do some things, so the next time I play, I'll get my head together and make a hut somewhere.


I've been playing on the Texas Facepunch server, perhaps if there's enough interest we could start our own?

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Never in a million years would I think I would come crawling back to Rust. Released on December 11 2013, the game is almost three years old. Never in my life have I seen so much dedication to the game from the development team. Not only has the game completely changed since its alpha state, but the developers seem to genuinely care about the game. The development team have truly passed the status quo for early access games.


Check out Trausi on youtube to watch some high level Rush shenanigans. 



Edit: Yes, he's Russian prepare for some salt



Edit: I found this post on the reddit.com/r/playrust official rust subreddit. I could not explain the game any better.



A couple of years ago when the concept of an open world multiplayer survival game with gunplay, building and survival elements was every mans dream, and only a dream.
When Rust opened it's beta testing and somewhat operationalised the game it was obvious that they were serious and dedicated to developing the game. A completely new engine and all new textures, models and not to mention scripts, Legacy could have been Rust one and current Rust could sell for $50AUD.
No pay to win, no memberships, no expansions but constant updates. Think about how many dogshit Rust like games have been released under the same model and utterly failed? Probably a million. Facepunch have defined the genre of survival, I honestly don't think any other online survival game comes close to being as refined and full of content as Rust. The scope of the game is massive and every little change has the potential to ruin the game, this has not happened so far.
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