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Prison Architect Starter Prison


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This is the popular starter prison I built in Prison Architect a few years ago. This includes the basics needed to get you going on the right foot. Perfect for newbies and those who just want a quick play.




- 4 Offices

- 1 Storage Room

- 1 Cleaning Room

- 1 Large Holding Cell

- 8 Solitary Cells

- 16 Jail Cells

- 1 Large Shower

- 1 Large Canteen

- 1 Large Kitchen

- 1 Large Visitor's Room

- Fenced in area with yard

- 1 Large room big enough for Infirmary

- Utility building with 1 power plant + 6 Capicitors and 1 Water Pump

- 7 Workmen

- 4 Guards

- 2 Cooks

- 1 Warden


Feedback is greatly appreciated as usual :)

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