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So how active is everyone?


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So I was just browsing around after it came to my attention that Coaster wished me a happy birthday, I'm sure it was accidental, don't worry!


And frankly I was just curious how active everyone is on TCR related things, and their offshoots?

Or is everyone really just doing their own thing these days?


Many heartfelts dear folks.

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Same. Bought a house almost a year ago and still doing massive amounts of stuff to it .. and working full time.


Should put someone in charge who would actually utilize the resources. I can remember wishing I had hosting capabilities (and knowledge) back in high school for games like Counterstrike and F.E.A.R. But it would be nice to pop in every now and again to a more active community, lol.


Most everyone else has been busy with school as far as I've been hearing.

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I've been busy with school, volunteer work, work and baseball. Plus I haven't had a computer of my own in a year so I've tried to stay active in the forums from my phone. But most spare time I spend I'm looking at universities for next year. Once I get a laptop for school I'll be on a little bit more but that won't be for a month or so. That's about all that keeps me busy now.

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Personally I'm busy for school too, but only REALLY busy for the next few days.

Outside of that I'm just sat at my computer, being on TS with Jonas, and folks like that.

Playing some Arma, CS:GO, which I suck at beyond belief.


Frankly we should do something, like Wabuf said, USE these forums and the servers that's tied to it for something.

Personally I had a small ARK server for instance, and really it would all just make more sense to use these tools at our disposal.
Perhaps even revitalize the community, and expand. I surely wouldn't mind that in the slightest.

(Whaaaaaaa- Did Lars just act all nice? Boy it sure has been long)


As I mentioned before I'm always on TS, and frankly you're all welcome to hop on TS for a chat, or use it for whatever, should you want to.

The IP is:

There's no password and is always up.

Oh and excuse the channel names.

We had some fun one late, late night.


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I think it's saffe to say that the Teamspeak server is rated M for mature.


Anyways, there more or less people on all the time, and theres alot of different games being played, like CSGO, Arma, WoW, and so on.


Join the fun!



Wwould be great to catch up with some of you guys, it's been a while.

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