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For a limited time, you will be able to take a tour through history. Worlds included are as follows:


- World5 (Broville - prior to The Chunk Republic takeover) - For those of you who were around in the Brotropolis era, this has the 2nd version of the infamous Broville.

- chunk (Chunktopia) - The first map Zoathewind started and eventually became the official map of The Chunk Republic.

- World1 - The rebirth of chunk's seed as a new map. This was the second map of The Chunk Republic

- glacier - Third map of The Chunk Republic.

- garg - The original gargamel / purely survival map.


NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. Structures within the worlds are left in tact for nostalgia reasons. We will be scheduling transfers of certain structures in the near future, for now take a walk down memory lane and see our history.

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