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Space Engineers


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I've finally found a game that is "third-party server hostable" and has a slowly growing player base. I plan to purchase the game tomorrow, and will write and share a review on my experiences of the title in the near future. In the mean time, I highly recommend watching some videos on it.


At first glance it looks like minecraft combined with kerbal space program. Core game elements look solid, but physics are questionable. Any of y'all have it / want to share your opinions on it? 


[Vulgar but hilarious, I can't stop laughing.]


The first video is from August of 2014 and demonstrates the "survival" aspect of the game"

The second video is much more recent and highlights the "creative mode" and the newer aspects of the game (such as planets)!


The game costs 25 dollars on steam which is a bit steep, but you can pick it up on certain websites that are in seemingly every youtubers 3 second intro now a days.




If we want to get more technical... http://steamcharts.com/app/244850#48h

The game peaks at around 6,000 ONLINE players daily.

ARK peeks at around roughly 29,000 ONLINE players daily.


There are ~2,176 Space Engineers servers with a higher than 85% uptime.

There are ~14,420 ARK servers with a higher than 85% uptime.


Space Engineers server per player = 2.757

ARK server per player = 2.011


Potential server opportunity? Probably not, but it's not every day you get to fly a flamboyant, pink, hydraulic powered rocket ship with 42 machine guns into a massive asteroid while spectators look in horror.

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