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Berserk 2016


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So I finally have a general opinion of the first episode of the new Berserk after thinking about it for a few days. 

-Awful CG animation, Like shitty shitty shitty PS2 era cut-scenes, the thing everyone is complaining about, yet possibly the only thing there is to complain about in the first episode, because otherwise it's flawless. 


+The rare moments of 2D animation when they do happen look gorgeous, the characters come to life better than they ever have, too bad 2D animation is so rare so far. 


+They nailed the atmosphere perfectly, this might be the first Berserk anime to truly feel as dark and hopeless as this story should feel.


+A score heavily composed of metal really suits Berserk.



This won't be a "flawless" adaptation for sure, but it's certainly a very good start and I hope the generally terrible looking animation doesn't scare people off.


Fatt Matt's recommendation?  watch it! unless you hate dark fantasy settings full of gore brutal rape and gore.


also gore.  


If you're unfamiliar with Berserk but like stuff like Game of Thrones, Dark Souls(which was HEAVILY influenced by Berserk!) and other similar dark fantasy stories you should watch this, but maybe only after watching the Golden Age arc first, either through the currently available film trilogy or the out of print 1997 TV series. I recommend the latter but the former is far easier to get a hold of and the first film is even on Netflix. 
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