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Nintendo Switch


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Nintendo Switch is Nintendo's latest console to be released on March 3rd. At launch, there will be two different styles available which includes either neon (red and blue) or gray controllers known as joycons.


What makes this console interesting is that it is a handheld console that can be docked to be played on a TV. The joycons detach from the system and can either be used as two separate controllers for PVP, or can be attached to a controller dock to feel like a normal controller.


Preorders have been sold out for a while. I have a gray one preordered along with Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild.


Anyone else planning to pick one of these up?

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What really makes the device interesting is that portable concept.


Unfortunately, I have never really been into the Nintendo ecosystem, so I find it kind of difficult to jump in now especially at a 300 dollars price point.


I regret getting the Xbox One S not too long ago, granted Red Dead Redemption 2 might redeem that purchase.

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After playing for a bit, I feel like the joycons are good although on the small side. The interface seems good, just missing a download manager of sorts.


Joining the joycons into a controller dock fits much better. Games seem to play very well!


Console appears to have 32 Gb onboard memory and can take any micro SD card for extra storage.


Waiting for Zelda to arrive. The other games are solid and fun to kill time with.

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