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WPA2 Vulernability aka KRACK


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This deals with the protocol and is not device specific. If you haven't already heard of it, it's called Key Replay Attack (KRACK) and some devices such as Android 6.0 or higher and Linux based ones have a higher risk. Regardless, it affects any WiFi enabled devices that uses WiFi over the transmission of WPA2 with any of the encryption methods used.

Link below is to the original source:



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Whoa, never thought they'd break it. And technically, they didn't!

They bypassed the encryption by exploiting the all-zero keys given when Android and Linux are instructed (for whatever reason...) to change access points. So they never need to retrieve data through a WPA2 connection. That's what makes this is more of a device-specific MITM than a WPA2 break. Sucks though, because Android == most of the market.

Oh, and WEP fell hard to a suite of similar MITM exploits .. before getting completely jacked from the inside, out. xD

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