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Minecraft Server Updates - New Casino Plugin


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Hope everyone had a happy new year. Our first update for 2018 is our casino plugin used to make slot machines. The old one has been removed completely and a brand new one has been installed.

The new casino plugin uses a custom built inventory and menu system. Current slot machines are based on "mobs", so in order to use one, you will need to right click on one, and then pull the "lever" in the inventory to spin the reels. The center line is the only active line on the machines, so unless you get 3 in a row on the center line, you lose. If you win, you will win that item.

Current casino that is functioning can be found southwest of spawn in Fierce Peak (Coaster's area). The only work in progress would be item trading and pricing of the individual slots.

For any questions or issues, please let us know! As it stands, only staff will be creating slot machines - donors and veterans will be able to create them as well, however, for now please ask a staff member for help.

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