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Two Point Hospital comes out next week on 8/30/18.

Two Point Hospital is a spiritual successor of Theme Hospital, the Bullfrog hit, and has some of the same people developing it including Mark Webly and Gary Carr.


Currently, the game has a pre-order sale of 10% off until Aug 30th.



Game looks pretty fun, can't wait to treat some bloaty heads!

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Finally got around to installing this game last night and playing it.

My initial thoughts are it is just as fun as Theme Hospital was. Definitely a more modern version of TH overall and kept the same humor. There were a few moments where the game locked up, but that was brief before it went back to normal. Gameplay is pretty simple to follow, especially if you've played TH before.

Found out they have removed the Denuvo DRM on the 5th and replaced it with just Steam's DRM - which is great news! 

There are 3 hospitals to work on - the main goal being to get those rated 3 stars. I went on to playing in the second hospital which I am currently working with.

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