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(Closed) KillaBearz *Banned


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KillaBearz, a newer member to The Chunk Republic has repeatedly broken fundamental rules such as trying out restricted commands even after being confronted about it:

2012-02-04 13:52:25 [INFO] [Alerter]: killabearz use a command: /give killabearz 373 64 8261
2012-02-04 14:09:30 [INFO] [Alerter]: killabearz use a command: /give killabearz 347 64 0
2012-02-04 14:17:25 [INFO] [Alerter]: killabearz use a command: /give killabearz 276 1 0
Then KillaBearz asked if fly mod and certain player proximity mods were allowed; I answered back with a complete 'NO'.

2012-02-04 13:59:19 [WARNING] killabearz was kicked for floating too long!
2012-02-04 14:05:14 [WARNING] killabearz was kicked for floating too long!
2012-02-04 14:23:29 [WARNING] killabearz was kicked for floating too long!
And finally, holes can be found just about anywhere in main world with KillaBearz' name on them (Log v0.8.2). When asked about them, he quietly left.
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I'll release as long as there are no mods, whatsoever. This means player proximity detection (equatable to wall-hacks), fly mods, x-ray mods, give mods, instant-mining mods, etc... cannot even be in question by your actions for a considerable period of time. This period is so we can regain trust in your ability to play fairly.


Modifications on our main map can give players unfair advantages and ruin our young economy. This has happened in the past and I am being extraordinarily careful not to let it happen again.


Every block has a logged history which lets us see something like this:

Posted Image

Many missing blocks on the main world's greens had your name all over them.

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We cannot keep you as a member if you are only 11 years old. This directly violates our first rule: Must be 13+.


Either way we will not keep you as a member, because you've broken way too many rules and regulations after being made aware about them. After I had asked, "Do you agree to the rules? No hack, grief, etc... ?", you said, "of course". Then I made you aware of the online rules at thechunkrepublic.com/rules. Even after all this, you continue attempting give commands, flight mod, then told everyone about how you have a mod that lets you see people's names and distances (a wall hack) and TMI. Then when questioned about these statements, you repeatedly lied to us.


Is it ok if i use The planes mod and TMI (wich wont work becuase im not op)

That's rather insulting... HELL NO. I don't give a shit if it only works for OPs; NO MODIFICATIONS.


UPDATE: Appeal closed; Ban permanent.

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