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Server Goals


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Okay, so I've been wondering this for a while, what are the server's goals? Are we trying to fill the map with creations? Make cities? Create a tournament setting?


At this point all I see is everyone playing single player minecraft with other people to occasionally help you. There is a crap ton of secrecy as everyone hides their bases and their cities underground or in weird locations. We seem to have no focus as a server, but to ourselves, which, by all means, is fine, but slightly boring in my opinion.


You guys' thoughts?

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As far as I'm concerned, our goals were met on day one. We just wanted a community centered around Minecraft. What everyone does when they're on, being their own personal business. We allow members many more freedoms in comparison to most other Minecraft servers. Our members have access to dozens of non-SMP (plugin) commands. So if they want to hide their stuff and be a cave-dweller, then embrace it! That's what this game is about.


We have cities and a pretty well covered map. Main World city:

Spawn castle, welcome center, Coaster's small town, my lodge, main base and park area, lighthouses, Bertha, sand-survival base, pagoda and spleef arena. Then there's Lars and Jonas' city in Gargamel and Coaster's Portoa in main world. CVL's massive complex(s), The new (classic) Broville city beneath Gunkleton's new town. Pies' castle(s), Sarge's area, Drankis' area, Your area...

We have many tournament arenas:

Area51, Area51(2), Jonas' Pyramid, Jonas' Maze, My Pro-Spleefing Arena, The Giant Mob Stadium...

There's many more that I haven't named or could think of in one sitting...

If you haven't seen all this, you just need to explore a little. You can't expect everyone that's getting on to join your builds in perfect harmony.


Mainly, why things haven't been so active recently is because our staff has been busy in their everyday lives. Not able to maintain presence all the time. This presents a couple issues that could lead to your experience becoming boring. Less staff presence leads to:

1) More grief in general (they know they can get away with it most of the time).

2) Less new players (they get on and no one's there to register them so they leave).

3) Less major building projects or sponsored project accomplishment.


I wish I could be on more often but work, school and family life come first. I will have a TON more time in the summer when all I'll be doing will be work and Minecraft.


All good questions!

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