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Automatic Street Lights


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Firstly, we have better, more robust capabilities through Falsebook:


Is It Day

Light Sensor

... If we didn't have permaday lol.

Secondly, I programmed the circuit to be optional at /home a:time... it has 3 states: Always Day, Always Night, Neither (normal daily cycle). Also, for our old arena, I had auto-lights going .. that was almost a year ago! xD
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It would be a pretty cool idea if it was used for a staring selection. Like what armor you get at the beginning and what supplies. o 3o


Paladin - Full iron set w/ some food


Rouge - Full leather armor and diamond sword w/ speed pots and food


Ranger - Full leather armor bow, and arrows with a stone sword


Mage - Full leather armor, summons (lol villager meat shields lol attack dogs lol), flint and steel, and different damage pots




o 3o

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