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Re: Creative Rollback


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I came on the server this morning and found the old world was back to normal. I spawned in the creative world because well that was the world I was last in before 1.2. I would find that my pixel art was gone and was worried that I may have lost my house in the real world so I used the command /home, it took me home and luckily it was still there but I realized I still had creative? I just thought I would bring this to your attention.

Edit: I could also open my friend Moneyboy941's protected chests?

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The creative map was rolled back thanks to Varioustoxins and his attempt at making a redstone-powered, experience-booster of sorts. He failed to calculate the amount of dispensers and the amount of loose items strained the server so badly, it crashed ours and several other neighboring (cloud) servers...


You can open seemingly protected chests because the Alerter plugin is no longer supported. The Alerter plugin told us when people typed '/anything' and also allowed them to '[private]' chests, doors, levers, etc. For the time being, just ask to have your chests made into a protected region; simple as that.

Posted Image

The permissions are so that no outsiders can interact with anything within 'amBase'. Within 'agentRoom', only you can open those chests and in 'moneyboyRoom' only Moneyboy941 can open those chests. You can both open each others' doors and of course the main door.

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