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Starcraft II for gansta434


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Expansion pack to soon be released:


Introduction on how to play aka a tutorial:


Husky, the guy I was talking about. Bonus:


There are three races: Protoss (aliens), Terran (humans), Zerg (more aliens)


Protoss overview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJZju__iNjE

Terran overview:

Zerg overview:


I play protoss, just because.






There are three main types of playstyles:

Story (the main storyline)

Ladder (competitive play against other people, where you get a rank)

Custom Games (mods on maps or personal games with your friends)


Laddering consists of 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and free-for-all.

Once you play 5 ladder games, you will be given a rank and a division. Free-for-all is unranked.

The ranks go from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Masters, and Grandmasters.


Don't expect to go Grandmasters instantly. It take dedication.



Custom games are pretty fun, since there are so many mods out there. They can be conveniently found in the game already, so you don't need to install them or buy them.


Some custom games:

Desert strike: One of the most popular games.


Auir chef: This is hilarious at times


Starjeweled: Bejeweled except starcraft




Professional introduction:

People play this game professionally, so if you are good enough you can win lots of money lol


Of course you will have to have super fast moving hands:



This is now your life line for almost all professional tournaments.



Live streams from pro players are on the right along with the tournament streams!


Note that most professionals that are really good are Korean.



The few tournaments that are like the World Cup of soccer and the Olympics are called

NASL: North American Starcraft League




GSL: Global Star League


MLG: Major League Gaming





How do you get pro?

Watch the pros.


This guy is a caster and is one of the best people to watch to learn stuff:



Also hilarious at times:


The show is on every Monday-Thursday at 7 oclock Pacific Time

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If you ever want to watch people play for teh lulz, recommended:


Destiny: Lately not as awesome.


This playlist is the best playlist.


Catz: Is awesome. Stream has decent music and is a fun personality


Dragon: Korean with broken English, but is hilarious when not playing srsly.


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Thanks for the advice and things to view and understand. But, I'm stuck choosing my race. The Terrans are just red necks in space with team spirit cough* copy of Halo Wars. So, it's either the Protons (Protoss :P) or the Zergs. Zergs are cool because I don't think I need to be an uber pro. but the Protoss are cool too, because....well they just look cool and have super awesome tech. So does one have a better defense than the other? Or better attack for that matter



Gansta434 aka: that dummy


EDIT: there is NO WAY i'll type that fast :cry:

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Haha, you mean that Halo Wars was copied off Starcraft marines that were copied of Warhammer Marines.


All the races are rather good, but I'll give you a rundown.


Zerg -


Has lower health units (mostly) than any other race. They naturally regenerate health over time, or queens (one of the units) can heal them. Roaches (one of the more basic units) can regenerate really quickly by burrowing (hiding underground). Since zerg units are cheap to make and are made relatively quick, the general playstyle is to overwhelm the opponent with waves of attacks, denying the opponent to get more resources and to go on the offensive.


Zerg structures cannot be built on anything but creep (the purple stuff on the ground), except two of the basic buildings. All units are produced from the hatchery, which is the main building. The main building creates larva, which can be used to build units. If you do not have any larva, you won't be able to create units.




Protoss - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJZju__iNjE


They have shields and health, where shields regenerate rapidly over time when the unit is not in combat, but cannot regenerate health. Protoss units have slightly larger health than most units and cost a lot of resources, making every single one extremely valuable. This means that Protoss cannot throw away units like the zerg can.


Protoss buildings have to be built around pylons (the blue crystal things). These power the buildings. If the pylon is destroyed, the building will lose power and you cannot create any units or research upgrades from them. One of the advantages of protoss is that they can warp in units, instead of waiting for a build time. It is a reactionary race, meaning that Protoss players need to build the units that counter the enemy's units.





Terran -


There are two types of terran units: mechanical and biological. The biological units can be healed only by medivacs (the white flying ships) and the mechanical can only be healed by being repaired by SCVs (the basic worker unit). Terran biological units can sacrifice their own health to do damage faster for a limited amount of time.


Terrans can build anywhere they please and they also can lift buildings into the air. Terran gameplay allow a huge diversity of units that can be built out of the three main structures. They are the most adaptable race, being able to switch what units that needed to be built.


A lot of people complain about Terran being "Overpowered" since their basic unit is the Marine, which can shoot air units and ground units and also is a ranged unit.


If you have further questions just ask.

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ok thanks mythill. I'll watch a bunch of husky videos and decide which race I want to be. I can't believe Halo would do this to me :cry: but it's kind of believable. They do have a lot of those units. Banshee, Cyclops, Marine, etc.. Zerg looks like fun but you will probably lose against the more advanced players. I think Protoss has the chunk republic advantage. Because when I ask sombodys race, they always say Protess here. And again Terran are just rednecks and space :P so Protess might be the race I want to chose IDK I'll watch some Husky videos!

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MYTHIL it's buying time.


sooo as you know the zerg expansion is coming up. So should I wait for that expansion?(do i need wings of liberty for this expansion because I'm not paying 120$ EVER!) If I get the expansion can I play against wings of liberty players? Are you expanding plz answer.


thanks Gansta434 aka: that noob

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Okay so you need to get Wings of Liberty first. Expansion will cost 30 ish dollars, possibly more in the UK.


Or you can wait for the expansion to come out (after may 15 sometime) aka late this year probably.


Honestly its not a bad deal, since its like buying Assassins Creed II and then Brotherhood for a bit cheaper. Plus I think Starcraft is cheaper now, $50 on Amazon. Throw in a coupon and you have a really good game for cheap.


The expansion pack wont change much, but will increase the number of different units you can make along with a new campaign mode.


If you play Call of Duty, this is cheaper than buying a game per year.

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Sounds good I'll get Wings of Liberty now and then wait a bit longer for Zerg Expansion (2-4 months later if it's not extremely popular, and I like the game.If it's so popular no one play wings of liberty :like black ops and MW3: Ill most likely get it sooner) so I think that's all I need help on :D


thanks gansta434 aka: less of a noob



EDIT: 64 views on this one topic...I bet most of them are mine

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it's black ops all over again *flashback* Black Ops had just come out and after that game I had given up on the call of duty series. so I decided to get BF3 like a boss, but none of my friends bought the game. Everyone had bought MW3. I even pre ordered BF3 but still everyone got MW3. Even though I personally think BF3 is like 30 times better then call of duty. But since no one bought BF3 it wasn't that much fun :(


anyways I'm not finding any race better then other one so I might learn them all and just randomly choose my race in the beginning of a multiplayer game.

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Mythil I got a really cool probe head skin and your zealot body skin I want to mash them both up so It actually looks like a legit probe (the rest of the probe body is just dark skin) check out my new post for more info

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