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First up is the all new chest shops. How do you set one up?


- Place a chest, if you haven't already.

- Place a sign above the chest.

- On the sign write:


 B <price> :  S <price>
 <item name or id >
B is the price people buy things FROM YOU.
S is the price people sell things TO YOU.
If you want to sell or buy for free - just type in "free" instead of price.
(You can have no B or S, you don't need to have a colon then. You can also just have <price for B> : <price for S>, it will automatically fill it for you. If you're still unsure how to do this, watch a tutorial in videos section. (Warning, they are using older version, you don't need B or S if you don't sell/buy))
- If you have LWC, your shop will be protected with it! (Configurable in config)
- voila! You have successfully set up a shop!

New economy system! Here are the commands for that:

/money - shows balance
/money ? - displays help info
/money top - displays top 5 richest members
/money create - creates an account (should already have one)
/money remove - removes an account
/money stats - shows global economic statistics

/bank - shows the bank you're with
/bank ? - displays bank help info
/bank main - displays the main bank

Our server currency is CR Bucks. You will earn money **BETA** for playing the game.


All new protection system! You can now protect your own land for a price of: 1 CR Buck for 1 block protection. To use it:


- Using a wooden axe, select two points (left for point 1 - right for point 2 - include height and width with point 2)
/res create NAME - creates a property
/res subzone NAME (subname) - creates a sub property in your area
/res list - list what you own
/res listall - lists all residences
/res unstuck - move you outside the protected area
/res message NAME (enter or leave) MESSAGE - creates a message
/res message NAME remove (enter or leave) - removes message
/res rename - OLDNAME NEWNAME - renaming places - if a subzone OLDNAME must be NAME.OLDNAME (where NAME is your master lot name)
/res lists - permissions list
/res mirror - copys permissions from one area to another

Buying / Selling / Leasing properties
/res market (buy or info) NAME - buy or view information on property
/res market sell NAME price - sell a property
/res market unsell NAME - remove property from sell list.
/rest lease (renewal or price) NAME - renew or the price of renewing the property.
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