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Ultra Hardcore anyone?


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So me and some friends were talking and we wanted to have an ultra hardcore hunger games matchup kind of thing this weekend. If you don't know what ultra hardcore is then GO LOOK IT UP RIGHT NOW and watch the ongoing youtube series between eight youtube famous commentators as they fight to the death in an unforgiving wilderness!


But yeah... since my computer is out of action, I would be at a friends house and we would need someone else to run this temp server for a number of hours probably this saturday during the day/morning depending on time zones. It would be so epic!


Times are still debatable and I think we should try to get everyone to play!

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Indeed. We need to come up with a timetable or something that lists everyones time zones...


But nonetheless, sounds cool.






Except, you know, the whole part of rebuying minecraft.




EDIT: jk, no need to rebuy minecraft.


Also, team fights would be cool.

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after watching one of the competitors point of view, i would definitely play this


my only concern, is how long it takes. maybe perhaps making the limit 1000-1500 blocks?? (and maybe using a plugin so it's a radius?)



People that are playing so far:





anyone else?

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Sure, why not. Still I'll be the first to die, like always.


Remember the first time I joined this server? Good times.




*Mythil hit the ground too hard.

*Mythil drowned.

*Mythil became obsidian.

*Mythil hit the ground too hard.

*Mythil hit the ground too hard.

*Mythil drowned.

*Mythil was shot by a skeleton.

*Mythil hit the ground too hard.

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haha, well i found a bukkit plugin built 100% FOR ultra hardcore. it basicly makes it so you dont have to mod your client, with a few bonus features :D : http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-c ... 1-0.64309/


100% Server-side! No client mod needed

Health regen from a full hunger bar is disabled, health regen is only possible by golden apples or potions.

Golden apple recipe changed from golden nuggets to gold ingots

Glistering melon recipe changed from a gold nugget to a gold block

Default golden apple and melon recipies removed and unable to be crafted

The player list shows player's health and colours representing the number

Death message includes when they joined the server

Forces worlds to hard mode

Actual food level hidden (i disabled this one)

Chat broadcasts when a player takes damage (disabled this one as well)

First time spawn randomness, min/max radius, shape and location (this is handy, completely random spawn points for errybody)

Kick/Ban on death with custom message

World borders that reset the player and tell them they reached the edge, configurable per world

Portal searching/creation radius now configurable

First spawn gives items to players

Team spawning from config, players joining for the first time will teleport to the first online player on their team



things in parentheses are my comments. Teams are interesting, since it says it spawns teams together, and you can add teams, and customize team names :o


im thinking 2v2v2v2, 3v3(v3), 4v4. any of those could be interesting

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