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I spy event button.


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Yeah it will just be event listings and you click "I'm attending" to add your name to the list.

About 400 lines in and it's beginning to get hairy. I'm using our phpBB database to pull username data and inputting it into a simple XML file when the person adds themselves. I'll probably do a remove if you click your entered name; provided the first part works...

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Just disregard everything until it is complete. It is complete when the message at the top is taken down. I'm in the process of completely reconstructing the XML mock-database with the user's input (via that 'I'm Attending!' button).


Everything you see up now is test purposes only; Stuff I've typed in to format visuals.

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These numbers are all variable... like I said last week in Skype when we were planning this page: I probably won't have it done for this next Saturday. The numbers are just for show at the moment.


UPDATE: I just wrapped up a few things and released the app as a Beta. So any problems, post here or PM me.

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Just an update on some event system upgrades:


+ Fraps recorder array; detects that person upon sign-up; puts camera icon by name

+ Better unique username catch

+ Cleaner removal of name span per no-longer-attending action

+ More accurate timezone; true DST detection

+ Error message upon sign-up at cap limit

+ Manual print-stylesheet = whitelist (auto-catches Zoa => zoathewind)

- Large names

- Large buttons

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