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This is a general ultra hardcore guide. This is for all of us to share knowledge and stuff:




General knowledge:


Recipe for Golden Apple and Golden Melon

All weapons


Know the biomes

Mob Drops




Day to Day General Guide (without supply drops)


Day 1 Checklist:

- Get wood, around half a stack

- Get food, enough to last a two days and a night

- Build shelter: Preferably underground structure so you don't get spotted during the night.

- Tip: [REDACTED] they are important late game


Dusk 1 Checklist:

- Get inside and do not go outside, when the light starts to fade, monsters spawn rapidly

- Hole up and start digging


Night 1 Checklist:

- Cook food

- Start mine: If you meet up with a cave, cover it up. Caves are extremely dangerous, costing Zoa and Mythil 2 games.

- Never open a hole head level: Skeletons can easily score headshots (happened twice to Mythil and Zoa)


- General goals: stack of coal, enough iron for swords and some armor, [REDACTED]. Possibly iron swords.

- Night lasts for 7 minutes


Dawn 1 Checklist:

- Do NOT go outside

- Lasts for 1.5 minutes


Day 2 Checklist:

- Collect mob drops, [REDACTED]

- Replenish any wood or food if necessary

- Go back to base and continue mining if necessary


Dusk 2 Checklist:

- Get back inside


Night 2 Checklist:

- Continue mining and start to get armor and preparing to leave base


Dawn 2 Checklist:

- Stay inside


Day 3 Checklist:

- Leave camp




Ore and their uses rated by usefulness:


- Useful for obvious reasons



- Extremely useful for armor and swords. [REDACTED] After that if you have spare for a diamond pickaxe to go to the nether.



- Only way to heal yourself is gold, so gold in these cases are gold.



- Quick to get and some of the best armor straight off the bat. End game usually has all the players with iron armor.






- Hard to get to, but once you got it, [REDACTED].



- Everywhere, but rather useless unless used to scafolding



- Useful for plugging up lava flows and for flint. There is a 10% drop rate for flint. If you have a team member being bored, make them break gravel for flint.


Stone, stone bricks, clay, cobblestone, mossy cobblestone etc:

- Not that useful




Hotbar and Weapons:


Sword: [REDACTED].










Suffocation: You will need a trap to do this. Also, suffocation, ignores armor.




Mob Data:



- Try not to fight skeletons, their arrows with the new AI is stupidly good, so losing hearts is going to happen in an engagement.

- Drops: Bones and arrows. [REDACTED]




- Drops: String and spider eyes. Do not eat the spider eye, poison rate is at 100%. String can be used for bows and fishing poles, which in turn can be used to fish, which can be used to tame ocelots.




- Easy to fight, but with lag, they might get a shot off on you or two. The more lagless you are, the more willing you can fight them.

- Drops: Zombie flesh, iron ingot, iron helmet, iron sword, iron shovel. Iron is always useful, but don't eat the zombie flesh, since it has a 70% poison rate.



- [REDACTED] you can straight up fight them like a MLG pro.

- Drops: Gunpowder, useful for TNT.


Spider Jockey:

- Do the same thing you would do if you say a Terminator. RUN.



- Do not engage, the drops are worthless.

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