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Chunk Republic iConomy Information / FAQ


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The Chunk Republic iConomy

Federal Reserve Chairman: Coastercraze



Republic Global Bank (RGB) - Default bank - you're already a member!

Kinetic Global Bank (KGB) - Join using /bank join KineticGlobalBK

Coasis National Bank (CNB) - Join using /bank join CoasisNB


Interest rate:

- Currently Interest is set at 2% every day while online only. What that means is all you need to do is login once a day to get 2% a day!


Price floors imposed:

- Price floors are imposed on specific precious minerals / items. These are necessary to ensure they hold a minimal value.

Item | Price Floor limit:

Diamonds | 500 CRB

Mossy Cobblestone | 125 CRB

Obsidian | 100 CRB

Others - To be determined in future when necessary.


- Failure to adhere to these limits may result in a fine equal to the floor amount and/ or shop removal if continued failure to follow these limits.



- Chunk Republic Bucks (CRB)

- Coins

- Example: 30.50 CRB or say 50 Coins




Why use a bank?

- Banks allow you to store money so that if you ran a shop, users cannot sell everything to you and take all of your money away. This allows you to safely keep money stored away which will be untouchable by anyone but you and admins (although admins won't touch it unless you did something illegal to obtain it).


Who can use a bank?

- Everyone can use any admin created bank. Whichever one you wish to use is entirely up to you. (You can also use all of them though it may be a bit of a hassle).


How can I put money or take money out of the bank?

- Use that bank's ATM.


Where do I find an ATM for the bank I'm a part of?

- Visit your bank's headquarters to see if a list exists of available ATM locations.


What fees are there?

- Currently withdrawing using an ATM results in a fee of 1 CRB. Deposits are free.


What commands are there?

- The following is a list of commands available related to your money.

/money ? - Information and list of commands.

/money - Amount you have in your pocket.

/money rank - Your position in the world economy

/money top - Top richest players (use a number after command up to 10 - default is top 5)

/money pay [player] [amount] - Pay another player a specific amount. Make sure to have it in your pocket first.

/money stats - Stats of the economy


- The following is a list of commands to control your bank.

/bank ? - Information and list of commands for the banks.

/bank - Amount you have in the bank for each bank you've joined.

/bank list - Lists all the available banks to join.

/bank main - Amount you have in the bank (the one you set as your main bank).

/bank main set [bank] - Set a bank as your main bank.

/bank join [bank] - Join a bank and create an account with them.

/bank leave [bank] - Remove your account with a bank.

/bank send [to] [amount] - Transfer money between banks.


How do I protect land?

- To protect your land (maximum of 100 x 100 x 127 (length x width x height), build a wooden axe and do the following:

- Step 1: Left click position "1".

- Step 2: Right click position "2"

- Step 3a (If cubic points): type /res create Name

- Step 3b (If square points): look up and type /res select expand number (where number is how high to go). Then, face the ground and type /res select expand number (where number is how low to go). You can also look in any direction you would like just in case you need to expand (north, south, east, west, up down)

- Step 4 (if square points): type /res create Name


What are the costs for land protection?

- Protection currently costs 1 CRB per block covered.


What else can I do with my land?

- You can do a bunch of things!

- Create a subzone within your land (Great for use as condos or rentals such as apartments or plazas). Follow the above steps to protect the area within your land and use /res subzone Name

- Rent out land or subzones. Use /res market rentable Name Price Days - Name is the zone, price is the amount, days is the number of days (30 days for example).

- Set Flags - Do /res set ? for list of flags. To set a flag as true or false do /res set Flag true (or false).

- Evictions for renters - Do /res market release - This will evict whoever is currently renting your place out. Note that this also REMOVES the rental associated with it so you will need to make it rentable again.

- Sell land or place - Do /res market sell Name Price- Where name is the name of the land or place and price is the amount.

- Remove land or place from listing - Do /res market unsell Name

- Rent a place or land - Do /res market rent Name

- Buy a place or land - Do /res market buy Name

- For a complete list of commands do /res ? or /res market ?


How do I create a shop?

- It is advisable that you protect your shop first if you haven't already.

- To create a shop simply follow the steps:

- Step 1: Make a chest and place it anywhere (preferably against a wall).

- Step 2: Place a sign above the chest against the wall.

- Step 2a: On the sign write the following:

Quantity or units in a package #
B # : S # - B# is the amount people buy FROM you. S# is the amount people get for selling TO you. Should be in format 1:1
Item name or ID (ID is recommended)
- The sign should automatically parse and now all you need to do is add the proper item into the chest for it to work!


How do I report something?

- If you think someone is abusing the price of an item / mineral, tell an admin. If you think there should be a price floor on a specific item / mineral, post it in this thread.

- If you find a shop that violates the price floor rules, report it to an admin.

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